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Whether you are a property management company, leasing agent, or an individual property owner, you know the importance of properly vetting applicants before they sign a lease. While it is important to fill vacancies, it’s also important to know who is going to be living in your rental property.

Our screening services provide answers to your questions. You will not have to wonder if the applicant can afford the rent, take care of the property, or poses a threat to neighbors. Registration is easy and our user-friendly interface gives you the ability to order and view completed reports from wherever you are.

Applicants complete a simple online background form, provide their consent via e-signature, and receive the appropriate compliance documents, reducing data entry errors and time to rent.  

Our technology saves time and money and places the control in your hands. You and your staff can order and manage background checks from wherever you are. All consent and compliance forms are online and at your finger tips. You control the level of access each employee has to applicant information and access can be upgraded or denied by the click of a button.

Our screening tools can be customized to meet your requirements. Whether you represent a large company or small, we have the tenant screening tools that are right for your organization. We are fast, reliable and compliant.

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Credit Report
Credit Summary
FICO® Risk Score

$13.95 Single Applicant

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Credit Report
Credit Summary
FICO® Risk Score
Instant National Criminal
Instant National Eviction
National Sex Offender Registry

$23.50 Single Applicant

$36.98 Co-Applicant

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ORDER - Basic Plus and Rental Application

Credit ReportCredit Summary

FICO® Risk Score


Instant National Criminal

Instant National Eviction

*Employment Verification

*Landlord Verification

National Sex Offender Registry


$38.50 Single Applicant

$50.98 Co-Applicant

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You must be a registered client of Capitol City Credit Company to access our reporting services.

Capitol City provides an automated platform to order reports. Your applicants also have the ability to order through this website. Either way, your applicants can order a credit/background report and pay for the report using their credit card anytime, anywhere, via computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Using Our Automated Platform To Order

If you use our online automated platform, report ordering and payment will be done through the platform and not through this website. You have the ability, through the platform, to order the report and instruct your applicants to pay for the report within the Applicant Background Questionnaire email that is sent by the system. Clients have the option to be billed monthly, if the applicant is not paying directly.

Using Our Website To Order

If you choose to use the website to order a report, you must instruct the applicant as to which report package you would like them to order. Applicants can pay for reports by credit card within the designated payment area of our order forms.

If you prefer, you can pay for reports through our monthly billing option.  Simply check the box on the registration form that states, "bill me" to receive a monthly invoice. You will also need to instruct applicants to check the "bill landlord/agent" box on the order report form and enter the code that we provide you after you have registered.

PMS Integration

We know that being able to integrate with your Property Management Systems (PMS) platform provides a seamless experience and that is why we work with trusted partners to be able to offer that connection.

Ask us about our PMS integration partners.

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Government Agencies

Real Estate
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  • "I have trusted Capitol City for many years. Their report is easy to read and contains the information necessary for both my clients and me."

    Barbara C.Real Estate Agent
  • "I use Capitol City for all of my credit and criminal reports. I wouldn't go anywhere else!"

    Linda C. Real Estate Agent
  • "Capitol City's online application process is a great time saver and protects the rights of the applicant and the prospective landlord. I highly recommend them to anyone needing background reporting."

    Nancy L.Real Estate Agent

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