Background screening is an important part of the due diligence process to help keep campuses safe against acts of violence. Consistently checking for criminal records is a preventive measure that can protect a school’s reputation and safeguard against potential lawsuits.

More than 60 percent of colleges consider applicants’ criminal histories in admissions decisions, but less than half of those have formal policies for how to do so.

Applicants complete a simple online background form, provide their consent via e-signature, and receive the appropriate compliance documents, reducing data entry errors and administrative costs.

With the right planning and customized screening solutions, a student background checks policy can help institutions of higher education keep their students and faculty safe from harm.


This comprehensive background screening package provides a solid foundation to which you can add additional searches.

–SSN Trace
–County Criminal Check
–National Criminal Check
–National Sex Offender Check
–Homeland Security Check (OFAC)


We can help you tailor a custom background screening package to fit your specific requirements and budget. 

  Recent events chronicle the importance of understanding student backgrounds.

  Preventative screening measures are critical to the protection of students and the security and safety of the campus.

  Let us help customize a student background check that is right for your university.