How Does the Screening Process Work?

Capitol City Credit Company is called upon when someone is interested in applying to rent a property. In order to begin the process, the end user MUST create an account with Capitol City Credit Company. The process generally goes as follows:

1.  Landlord/agent completes the online registration, which allows their applicant access to Capitol City Credit’s Online Reporting Services. The landlord/agent is the client of Capitol City Credit Company and is the person or business to receive an applicant’s report. The landlord/agent must be registered with Capitol City Credit Company to receive applicant credit/background information.

2.   Applicant chooses from one of two options. These options are found by clicking the Start Here button on the home page or by clicking  the Get Started button on the main menu bar. If the applicant is unsure of which option to choose, the applicant should consult the landlord or agent requesting the report.

Option 1
Purchase A Credit/Background Report Only

Applicant chooses this option if the applicant has already completed a rental application with the leasing agent or landlord and has been instructed by landlord/agent to purchase a Credit/Background Report only.

Option 2
Complete the Online Rental Application and Purchase a Credit/Background Report

Applicant chooses this option if the landlord/agent has instructed the applicant to complete our online rental application and purchase a credit/background report. 

3.   Applicant completes the appropriate online form, provides his or her consent via electronic signature, pays for the report by credit card, and submits the form to Capitol City Credit Company for processing via its online system.

4.   We send your credit/background report and, if applicable, your rental application, directly to the landlord or leasing agent you have designated on the order form.

5.   Applicant is notified of a decision by the landlord/agent. No employee of Capitol City Credit Company is privy to any decision made by the landlord/agent.

6.   Reports are processed 7 days a week as required.