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Tenant Screening

For Landlords, Property Managers & Leasing Agents

Landlord’s need a reliable way to gauge whether a potential tenant is a safe bet. A credit report provides a record of a renter’s financial reliability and a background check allows them to assess whether a renter is trustworthy.

In order to make an informed leasing decision, landlords look at:

  • creditors & credit scores
  • criminal background checks
  • eviction reports
  • income
  • rental history
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3 Easy Steps

The entire transaction is done online and most reports can be completed in a matter of minutes.

  1. You create an account and send the applicant a screening invite.
  2. The applicant receives the invite and completes a background questionnaire.
  3. We verify the applicant’s information and conduct the screening.

Who Pays for The Report

We can bill you directly or you can request that the applicant pay via credit card.