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Our credit reports help you evaluate the level of risk you will be taking before you accept a new tenant. Included in this report are applicant name & aliases, known addresses, social security number validation, employment and public record data, credit history & inquiries, collection information, trade-line data and previous inquiries.


Our credit summary presents a concise snapshot of a consumer’s financial profile by summarizing information from public records, collection records, credit inquires, mortgage history, installment history, and current & historical delinquent accounts. It includes the different categories of information within the credit file, such as the number of mortgage trade lines or the number of past due accounts.


FICO Risk Scores use information from an extensive consumer credit repository to assess a consumer’s risk of severe delinquency–potentially resulting in charge-offs or bankruptcy–over a 24-month period. FICO scores help identify and separate reliable borrowers from those likely to become 90 or more days delinquent.


Basic Packages

Credit Report
Credit Summary
FICO® Risk Score

$13.95 Single Applicant

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