What Will a Landlord Consider in Choosing a Tenant?

You finally found the perfect place to live, now you want to move in. Landlords consider many factors before they approve a new tenant. Can the potential tenant afford the rent? Will they take care of the property, or pose a threat to neighbors?


  • creditors & credit scores
  • criminal background checks
  • eviction reports
  • income
  • rental history

Landlords or their leasing agents ask that applicants undergo a thorough background check and that’s where we come in.

Fast & Accurate Reporting

Our screening reports give landlords the information they need to make leasing decisions.



Steps to Complete a Background Screening

1. Click on the report package specified by the landlord or lease agent. Package options are Basic, Basic Plus, Premium.

2. Complete the form to request a background questionnaire be emailed to you. You will received a confirmation.

3. A link will be sent to the email address you provide. When it arrives, click on the link and complete the background questionnaire.

We Protect Your Information

Our secure, online system keeps your information private. We make sure your social security number is never displayed on any report we provide—only those landlords to which you have granted permission will have access to your report.

Fast Approval

We know you want to move forward, so we make the screening process as quick as we can. Once you submit your completed questionnaire, it is ready for processing. Your credit, criminal, and eviction information are promptly available to the landlord.

For Your Information—Answers to frequently asked applicant questions.

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